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We know what we are doing

We could name many reasons why we are so good at what we do. One of them is the vast experience gained in more than 140 years that we have existed as a company. This is what has led us to adhere to the values we hold dear, combining ergonomics, ecology and innovative production methods.


And although trends are of no interest to us, we have been the first in many respects – simply because we believed in them. In 1925, for example, we launched the first spring-mounted swivel chair in the whole of Europe. This was not only a milestone for us but also for the whole of industry, whose employees no longer worked only in production but also spent many hours in the office. In 1971, we set up our own research and development department with the largest and most modern test laboratory in the entire industry. And as early as 1985, Mr. and Mrs. Stoll established the Stoll VITA Foundation in order to secure the existence of the company for many years to come.


At the same time, there were some things that, as far as we were concerned, went without saying. From the moment when our company was established by Albert Stoll in 1871, our products were always ‘made in Germany’. And we have never seen any reason to relocate production abroad merely in order to perhaps save a little money. What’s more, we did not suddenly discover sustainability as a marketing instrument that would help us to sell our products; we have been making careful use of resources for over 50 years and, as early as 1995, we were the first European company in our industry to introduce an environmentmanagement and environment-auditing system.


For this – and, of course, for our products as well – we have won numerous prizes. In addition to the environment prize for companies in Baden-Württemberg, which we were given in 2012, we have been the recipient of 30 awards in the last ten years alone.

  • Standort: Deutschland
  • Gründungsjahr: 1871
  • Branche: Hersteller
  • Messeteilnahmen: ORGATEC 2018
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