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With the aim of an industrial expansion the SILFIM srl was founded in 2009 as the merging of the Silc spa, a company founded in 1968 and still nowadays leader in the field of industrial ironing machines, and Fim srl founded in 1985 to produce cooker hoods, cladding for refrigerators and design accessories.

The merging of the 2 companies lead to advantages both in the organization and in the production and also it meant the creation of 2 lines of cooker hoods branded FIM and WD.


The production sites in the region Marche are located in Jesi and Castelfidardo and cover both an area of 20.000 sm. They are directly linked to the technical departments which are the core part of the company for research, development and finalizing of the new models.

In our factories we are able to produce products working with different materials among which: s/steel, copper, aluminium.

All the productions phases are made inside the factory with a constant monitoring of the production processes.


Thanks to the high quality of the products and to the wide programme we have, SilFim is proud to have a position of absolute high level on the National and International markets.

The mission is always the same, anticipate the needs of the markets guaranteeing quality and the absolute security. A particular attention to design, to the technological innovation linked to the experience and capacities of his technicians and managers, allows SilFim to be a reference point for those in love with Made in Italy which is known and appreciated in all the world for its ideas, contents and images.

Quality and Environment:

The owner of SilFim srl decided to base the handling of the company on a Quality System for Production and Environment compliant with the following norms UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 and UN EN ISO 14001:2004.

This system in based on organization and technical actions while respecting environmental resources.

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