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Our History


At Stouby we are all very proud of being a part of a company that for several generations has been an integral part of the Danish and international furniture scene.


The history of Stouby is a true Danish furniture fairytale.


The story of 100 years in furniture

It all began back in 1902 in a small Danish village, aptly named Stouby, with twenty pounds, half a leather hide, a chaise longue frame, and some linen. That was all Stouby founder, Marius J. Blirup needed to take the first step. And despite the humble conditions and few capital resources, the furniture manufacturer’s desire to create was great. And Marius Blirup quickly established himself as a frequent exhibitor at “Købestævne” – the renowned international exhibition of the time.


A family tale

In 1944 son in law Børge Hansen took over and the family business continued. The company grew, and Stouby furniture was exported to all corners of the world, Austria, England, Kuwait, and the USA. In 1965 The New York Times praised Stoubys chair nr.13 for its sublime functionality and not least the exclusive design. And that same year, Børge Hansen states that: “I started out running a business. Now the business is running me.”


New owners

74 years in the hands of the one family finally comes to an end in 1976. Nonetheless Stouby keeps on growing in the same positive spirit with the new ownership structure and 1981 the old factory buildings finally becomes to cramped. The production moves to bigger and better locales in the village of Løsning, where it resides to this day.


The present ownership structure is established in 2009 and Stouby resides at Haremarksvej 7 in Løsning, Denmark.

  • Mitarbeiter: 11-50
  • Standort: Dänemark
  • Gründungsjahr: 2009
  • Branche: Hersteller
  • Messeteilnahmen: imm cologne 2018, ORGATEC 2018, imm cologne 2019, imm cologne 2020
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