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TREND Einrichtungs-GmbH

Bahnhofstraße 19
74722 Buchen, Deutschland
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The company TREND Einrichtungs-GmbH is a medium-sized family business from the Odenwald in the South-Western part of Germany. It is specialized in producing and distributing high-quality solid wood furniture. We focus on flexibility, sustainability and health. The range of products offers elaborate solutions for all living areas and special furnishings for book shops, offices, surgeries and retail shops. For more than thirty years we provide customers who appreciate quality, ecology and healthy materials with individually manufactured solid wood furniture.

By modular design, flexible production process and the precisely tailored production we are in a position to cope with individual customer demands such as room layout, arrangement of the interior and furnishing styles.

You can choose from six different kinds of wood: the solid and sturdy wild oak, the dark and modern locust, the noble reddish cherry tree, the light birch, the classic beech and the Norway spruce. You can place colored emphasis in almost all RAL and NCS colors. More than 1,000 different system components allow for a high degree of multifacetedness and a vast number of combinations and offer functionality, design and flexibility.

The natural look, which is a piece of art itself, the pleasant aura and the enjoyable feeling when touching the wood arouse a harmonious atmosphere. The furniture will last for decades and can be altered or completed at any time, e. g. at removals or rebuilding.

When selecting the raw materials and fittings we set great value on sustainable criteria. The solid wood is from Europe so that long transportation routes can be avoided. As far as possible we renounce synthetic material for our products and packaging. The hardwood we use is verifiably from woods cultivated according to FSC standards. A certificate according to FSC-COC is available. Our timber is tested for hazardous substances by the ECO-Institute in Cologne.

The interior architects of TREND possess the necessary know-how, are competent and enjoy designing rooms professionally and passionately. An experienced, excellent team of indoor service, technicians and carpenters accompany each order from placing the order until the installation.

Solid wood furniture is balm for the soul. With TREND furniture you certainly live healthily!

  • Mitarbeiter: 11-50
  • Standort: Deutschland
  • Gründungsjahr: 1980
  • Branche: Hersteller
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TREND Einrichtungs-GmbH