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Breda, Niederlande
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OVERSEAS is a brand of Van Baal Textiles. Van Baal Textiles designs, develops and is manufacturer in household textiles. This we do under our own management; we manufacture rugs, cushions and home décor accessories such as poufs and throws. Besides this we are also the go-to address for comfortable seating, lounge elements and animal comfort products. We do this with much care for our own strong brands and also for private labelling.

A trendy collection for HOME, KIDS and PETS!

The OVERSEAS collection consists a range of cushions, plaids, poufs, hockers, seating elements, beanbags, dog boxes, cat baskets, teepees and carpets. All in attractive color-concepts.

Changing your interior accessories once in a while is an easy and affordable way to freshen up your living room and keep it trendy every season. Overseas’ collection has plenty of fabrics, designs and colours to choose from. We translate the latest trends in interior design into must-have accessories.

  • Mitarbeiter: 11-50
  • Standort: Niederlande
  • Gründungsjahr: 1982
  • Branche: Hersteller
  • Messeteilnahmen: imm cologne 2017, imm cologne 2018, imm cologne 2019
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Ruud Driessen Vertrieb
Van Baal Textiles B.V.
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