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Vilmers understands that everyone deserves to have a comfortable life. Our passion is to furnish our customers’ homes with high quality sofas. Together with we provide timeless designs, craftsmanship and a well-mannered customer service to. We believe people do not just buy any piece of furniture. They take time and do the research to choose the right elements that make their home feel perfect. Sofas are considered to be the centrepiece of any house. This is where guests are entertained. Where you relax alone or spend time with your family. Where your heart beats slower and the world becomes quiet. Sofas are an essential part of the laidback life. Comfort is more than just the sofa. It’s about feeling at home, safe and relaxed. We know.

Design your dream sofa

Choosing the right sofa is a personal thing. Before making a purchase, you imagine how it is going to fit into the room. What it would be like to sit on. What role it is going to play in your interior design. With our modular systems, we help you to express your uniqueness by choosing different components for a sofa, like the colour of the fabric, legs, armrests, accessories. Individuality is our trademark. Use it.

Handmade quality

We have been producing high-quality soft furniture using timeless designs for people like you and us since 1997. We know what expectations and requirements are set to the sofa when choosing it for the home. And every day we focus on combining design, quality and comfort to make our customers happy. Over the years, we have optimised our production methods extensively to keep the value for money without making compromises. Commencing into business relationship with us is the right choice.

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