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About Zero

Made in Sweden.

The family company Zero manufactures and sells attractive

light fittings for all types of space. We use up-to-date technology

and our designers are innovative problem solvers who often

surprise us. All 80 percent of our subcontractors are located

directly nearby. This is both environmentally sound and offers

great flexibility when it comes to varying and modifying projects.

Innovation, quality, attraction and durability have been

our watchwords since our beginnings in 1978.

Oh, so who are you? The question crops up now and then,

mostly at trade fairs abroad. And the answer is automatically

“Oh well, Zero is a family company that makes and sells attractive

lighting fittings for all spaces. We use the latest technologies

and are innovative problem-solvers…”. But then the

follow-up question sometimes cuts us off “But why do your

products look the way they do?”. That’s when we really get to

talk about what Zero does so specially. So uniquely.

Imagine a barren winter landscape in deepest Scania. The

darkness, nigh impenetrable when the clouds cover the moonlight.

But as it does penetrate, the glitter of the snow is all the

more magical. That’s what we are trying to capture at Zero.

Just as much as its opposite — the soft sheen of Nordic summer

light, which is not only the delight of artists. From light, dark

and the shadows in our environment, we and our designers

create the unique Zero range. Where we are — in Pukeberg,

outside Nybro, the hub of Swedish glass production, and the

area where 80 percent of our subcontractors are, right by us.

Of course, our history contributes to our identity — how, in 1978,

our founders long experience of glass yielded to an entire

decade devoted almost entirely to perforated sheet metal fittings.

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