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Finally you can take advantage of magic aluminium touches in every architectural environment, no matter if you work indoor or outdoor.

bandoxalpro gives a full range of possible surfaces, including an assortment of electro-colours.

The most engaging projects de­serve the highest standards of du­rability, constancy and tolerance.

bandoxalpro provides aesthetical and technical surfaces with a highly resistant anodizing layer up to 25 micron. To minimize joints and hold­ers, metal gauge up to 3mm thick and 2,000mm wide are available in a wide palette.

The elegant metallic range allows the imagination to flow freely since the versatile material advanta­geously replaces other metals such as copper, brass and steel.

It also offers a broad selection of finishes: matt, satin, brushed and glossy.

Tough and light, its durability over time is exceptional.


Open your mind, bandoxalpro is aluminium specially designed for outdoor use but many other applications are suitable for these surfaces, such as claddings for roofs and facades (i.e sandwich panels, honeycomb panels, com­posite panels, perforated panels, etc.) welded tubes, automotive, cassettes...Try it!

When looking for the greenest ap­proach, bandoxalpro is the right answer thanks to our futuristic zero liquid discharge water treatment.


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  • Material: Aluminium
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