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Aerelle® Cool Night is a cooling fiber with semiconductors embedded minerals and an exclusive Cool-Flow Crimp technology that ensures a constant reduction and dissipation of the heat accumulated during the night.

Scientific sleep's research studies have shown that the accumulation of heat especially in the head and neck area is perceived as something unpleasant by human beings; to ensure a restful sleep, this accumulation should be minimized. Comparative tests performed on Aerelle® Cool Night and on standard padding have shown:

- A significantly lower temperature with Aerelle® Cool Night compared to standard filling;

- The lowest temperature lasts for a longer period of time (8 hours of sleep);

- Aerelle® Cool Night shows to offer lower temperatures for a long time, so a better cooling capacity which has a significantly thermos-physiological effect on the body;

- Products filled with Aerelle® Cool Night, besides demonstrating a cooling effect, achieves a lower level of moisture, perfect for a good relax and for a better night's sleep.

The Cool-Flow Crimp (CFCT) technology allows to Aerelle® Cool Night to prevent heat accumulation by balancing the temperatures and permitting a restful sleep for a better awakening.

Tested by the Institute of Research for Industrial Anthropology, Kiel '16.

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