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The fiber for a pleasant natural warming effect. Climarelle® Thermo is the new functional fiber with integrated minerals that provides a sleeping with a new feeling of warmth. The heat radiated from the human body is reflected by the minerals contained in the fibers, creating a deep warming effect which offers cosiness, softness and thermoregulation for a long-lasting comfort.

- Warming effect down to the core

- Regulated warmth

- Extreme softness

- Superior comfort

- Machine washable

Climarelle® Thermo uses infrared technology: the body releases radiation warmth which is back by the minerals inside the fibers as long-wave infrared rays. Apart from the classic insulating effect provided by standard duvets, Climarelle® Thermo generates an additional warming, cuddly and relaxing effect.

The functional fibers of Climarelle® Thermo with integrated minerals in the outer shell of the fiber, are combined with high-bulk fibers for a cuddly deep warming effect and a well-balanced micro-climate. These functional fibers also allow moisture to evaporate.

The effectiveness of Climarelle® Thermo has been tested and certified by Centexbel Institute (Belgium)

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