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A luxurious sleeping for a top awakening. Made of hollow helicoidal fibers and with a higher air content, DACRON® QUALLOFIL® PREMIUM ensures a comfortable, soft and luxurious filling. The advantages of QUALLOFIL® PREMIUM

- Luxurious comfort: the sensational quality of softness, volume, warmth and excellent air circulation are all united in this filling to create unprecedented comfort and wellness.

- Optimal Volume: with an increment in volume of 15%, the comfort and softness feeling is further optimized.

- Ideal warm: QUALLOFIL® PREMIUM filling, thanks to the large amount of air that can store, can effectively isolate cold for a comfortable long-lasting sleeping.

- Extreme lightness: the fineness of the fibers gives to the finished product an extreme lightness and a maximum comfort with a maximum weight.

- Machine washable: this product can be washed with machines and dried. Follow the instructions for product care provided from the manufacturer.

- DACRON® quality: each bedding product filled with DACRON® has a numbered sticker. This production number certifies that the product has been manufactured in accordance with the strict quality standards required by DACRON®

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