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Wall Panels

Spaces with hard walls and a tight layout can have an adverse effect on acoustics. By adding a few Wall Panels, spaces not only sound and feel completely different, but also project a different image that suits the purpose of the space.

A veritable asset to any space

By using Wall Panels, spaces not only sound and feel better, but project their own identity. Wall Panels ensure that a space is entirely suited to its purpose, both acoustically and aesthetically. Our Wall Panels are available in a number of standard formats and present a modern work of art on the wall, as it were.

The Great Wall

What makes people experience a space as comfortable and pleasant? Good acoustics is often forgotten as a factor. Sound affects our unconscious more than we tend to think. Hard walls reflect and amplify sound waves, which may result in, for example, annoying reverberation. Whether in a space in a brand-new building or a renovation project, Wall Panels absorb such sound waves. Pleasant conversation is possible again, and the energy of the space is improved. The panels are available in a variety of upholstery, and there is plenty of opportunity to add your own style. Wall Panels add colour to a room and significantly improve acoustics.


Product details
  • Material: Wool
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