Carcase - wood-core plywood


Sachsenküchen Hans-Joachim Ebert GmbH

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The innovation of the carcase made from wood-core plywood consists in the unique three-layer structureof the used plate material and the resulting product properties. The parallel aligned, fully glued solid spruce

and fir wood sticks in combination with the transverse running 3.5 mm thin chipboard decks grant the plate an extremely high dimensional stability.

With that, not only the bending is reduced, but the resistance to withdrawal of screws is significantly increased. The forces which affect the fittings mounted on the carcase get absorbed even better and give the hardware permanent hold. In addition, the material is lighter in weight than “standard chipboard”.

For all these advantages no “optical” compromises have to be made. The thinchip board decks provide a high surface quality and form the perfect basis for different decor papers.

In connection with our carcase construction we therefore provide the quality-conscious customer a top-class carcase.

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