Metra Daily Lockers


Metra Smart Locker system

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Metra Daily Lockers is a reliable, maintenance-free, Plug&Play smart locker system for any number of smart lockers. An electric socket is all you need.

Most clients use it in water parks, ski resorts, spas, fitnesses and other sport and leisure facilities of all sizes, as it saves them time and money due to easier and faster administration and management of locker keys and lockers in comparison to mechanical or battery powered locks (especially at bigger facilities).
Of course, the Daily Lockers system can be used in other environments, like offices, factories, museums, libraries, shopping malls, schools or else.

Smart Lockers with Metra Dily Lockers system can be locked with access card, fob, wristband, mobile app, PIN Code or else. You can use reusable RFID wristbands or printed barcode wristbands for one-time use.

The Daily Lockers system can be used with new or exisiting lockers from any locker material.



Product details
  • Material: Wood