bandoxalε: aluminium climate control surfaces for ceiling applications


Almeco SPA

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Aluminium ceilings are widely used in decorative projects in airports, schools, offices, shopping centers, factory buildings, hospitals and other public buildings.

Almeco produces two main types of surfaces, one specific for climate control mainly in ceiling bandoxalε and one suitable for cladding bandoxaldecor, both supplied according to customer requirements.

The climate-control panels look like any other suspended ceiling panel and can be used also in retrofitting.

The emissivity in the thermal wavelength is related to the luminous reflectance, therefore it is important to find the right balance between the two characteristics, i.e. the mirror finish materials do not have the better thermal exchange properties, keeping in mind that the reflectance spectrum of bandoxalε is determined by the oxide layer and its thickness. Generally speaking, a natural tone 0.75mm thick panel of bandoxale will have an emissivity of more than 0.7.

bandoxalε: lightness and efficiency with the usual brightness.

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  • Material: Aluminium
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