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Hanger Sense is inspired by the idea of a better future and a better quality of life for people. With its natural design, it gives an aesthetic appearance to any interior that it has been placed in. The combination of materials, shapes and functionalities makes it perfect for every room. 

Sense hanger is multifunctional, high-tech and practical furniture. With its natural design, it is appropriate for all types of interiors. Sense hanger is intelligent measuring station it contains real-time monitoring sensors: - Air quality - Temperature - Humidity - Noise - Luminance

In addition to being used as an ordinary hanger, Sense can also provide feedback about the surrounding environment via a mobile app. Through its built-in real time monitoring sensors for measuring: temperature, humidity, noise, luminance and air quality, it is perfect for improving the interior atmosphere. Another big plus is fast and easy disemboweling and assembling with bare hands.

Hanger Sense is designed with the intent both for the end user and for traders and manufacturers. It is assembled without fasteners - only with bare hands. Collect in a small easy-to-carry package, which is collected 6 in a row on a European pallet. The dimensions of the parts are optimized for the least possible waste. The materials are laser-cut, powder-coated metal tube Ø60mm combined with solid bent and lacquered wood. There is also a plexiglass ring to indicate the operation of the sensors.

Product details
  • Color: white
  • Material: Wood
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