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The KitLock 1000 locker locks are a quick retrofit for keyed cam locks supplied as standard on a wide range of lockers, cabinets and cupboards. The keyless locks are easy to fit, taking just a few minutes to remove the existing cam lock and then making an additional top fixing for the new

KL1000 can also be fitted to a locker or cabinet that does not have an existing locking device already fitted, giving the user immediate, simple, keypad access without the hassle of keys! Once in place the lock will perform 15,000 openings on just two AAA batteries.

• Easy fit

• 11 individual round buttons

• 15,000 openings from 2 x AAA cells (supplied)

• Battery override

• Ideal for cabinets, lockers, cupboards, medical carts, data racks, safes

• Silver grey & black finishes available from stock

• Left, right and vertical versions

• RAL colour locks available on request, minimum order quantities apply

• IP55 rated when used with the rubber door gasket - separate part

• Use in offices / schools / warehouses / hospitals / care homes / nurseries / hotels / leisure facilities / the home

• NetCode web-based code creation available (KL1000 NC)


The KL1000 has 4 code levels available:

• 8 digit Master Code

• 8 digit Sub-Master Code

• 4 digit User Code

• 6 digit Technician Code


How does a KL1000 operate?

Private Use

This is the most common function and used where the same code will be repeatedly used, e.g. a pupil in a school or an employee with the same locker in the workplace.

Public Use

In this function the KitLock operates with a single User Code. The user enters their own personalfour-digit code. This locks the lock. The same code is entered once only to open the lock before being erased and ready for the next new user. This function is used for short term, multi occupancy applications, e.g. a locker in a leisure centre.

Supplied as standard with two cams, but will accept the majority of other cam variations that will fit onto the KL1000’s 8mm square spindle. The lock is supplied with all the necessary fixings, template and operating instructions to fit the lock to the cabinet, locker or cupboard.

Brand: KitLock

Buttons: 11 individual round buttons

Master Code: 8 digit

Sub-Master Code: 8 digit

User Code: 4 digit

Technician Code: 6 digit

Operations: 15,000 openings from 2x AAA cells

Function: Private or Public

Fitting: Easy fit

Fitting Options: Vertical, right and left hand models

External dimensions: 136mm x 32mm x30mm

Ready to fit doors up to: 25mm (1")

Standard colours: Silver grey, Black

Battery Override: Yes

Colour options available: Yes

IP55 Rated: Yes

Auto unlock program: No

Audible keypad: No

Slam Latch accessory available: No

'Real time' clock setting: No

Dual Code mode: No

iButton option: No

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