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The MO coffee and side tables are made up of a faceted bolted substructure made of metal and a 3mm-thick aluminium plate. To allow the form and materials to come into their own even more, MO couch tables are available exclusively in three special colours and glazes, and can be a visual highlight in any home, multi-faceted and elegant.

In three different shapes and sizes, they cut a fine figure with the Martini Chair, and, practically, the MO 07 can also be used as a stool.

  • Dimensions body MO 09: H 36 x W 114 x D 73 cm
  • Dimensions body MO 08: H 36 x Ø 65 cm
  • Dimensions body MO 07: H 47, Ø 45
  • Designer: in-house design
  • Launched in: 2019
Product details
  • Material: Steel
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