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Concept | Innovation

PIA is a compact substitute for the classic kitchen. It preserves valuable and expensive space by maximizing its usability. For that reason PIA is an ideal solution for most of the flats in urban communities as well as tourist and rental apartments, offices, nursing homes, holiday homes or even as an additional kitchen in large dwellings.

It doesn’t require a separate room. In accordance with a flexible open space urban living trend, concept of the kitchen is to set it inside a designer shaped closet within only 1.6 m2 of the living space. With the doors opened you get a fully functional and equipped contemporary kitchen.

Conceptually brand new, PIA has been awarded prestigious Interior Innovation Award 2015, awarded at International Furniture Fair in Cologne, Germany, elected by the German Design Council. On a national level, it has been awarded Gold Mobil Optimum Medal 2014 at the international furniture fair Ambienta in Zagreb, Croatia.

Ecological friendliness | Sustainability

PIA unifies two elements in the interior, the kitchen and the living room. This enables a whole new approach to designing small flats, hotel rooms, holiday homes, offices… Planning of smaller living units without the loss of functionality or aesthetics saves spacial resources, building parcels, infrastructure, energy spent for building, heating and cooling. PIA is designed for multiple installation and use in different spaces which makes moving it from room to room possible, while most other kitchens are discarded.

We take care of environment throughout the entire process of production, packaging and waste disposal. We use strictly ecologically sustainable materials which originate from EU and comply with EU standards and regulations, without the use of dangerous substances. We use wood from FSC certified forests, treated with natural oils.


It takes merely 1,6 m2 of space to place this two door cabinet with TV which opens up to a fully functional kitchen. It can be placed in a niche, against a wall or free standing in the center of space. To achieve full functionality, it is necessary to provide water, electricity and network connections. These connections can be pulled from anywhere in the width of the back of the kitchen.

When closed, PIA looks like a living room cabinet with integrated TV. The TV hangs on a wall mount and can be rotated to adjust better view. Worktop is 180 cm long with integrated sink, faucet and cooktop. Base arrangement includes dishwasher, waste disposal cabinet, base cabinet with shelf and drawer, and integrated refrigerator. Upper cabinets include fully integrated hood, LED lighting and electricity sockets, and an open shelf for placing a free standing microwave oven. 15 cm deep doors can store a lot of dishes, utensils, bottles, ingredients and groceries.

Delivery and installation is quick and easy. Entire kitchen is packed in a 110x100x210 cm box and can be transported by elevator. Unpacked, it consists of several modules ready for quick and easy assembly in merely 30 minutes.

Ergonomics | Safety

Doors opened at an angle of 90 to 120 degrees present optimal work environment with utensils and groceries at hand. A TV set built in the closet door is adjustable for flexible use.

PIA has a built-in sensor with safety switch that turns off the oven and stove in case the door is closed during operation.

Besides a built-in hood, ventilation of the kitchen even when closed is carefully thought and enabled by strategically positioned air vents.

Aesthetics | Longevity

PIA is designed so that it can complement modern and contemporary interiors by the selection of decors, materials and high-tech appliances.

Materials, fittings and good construction solutions guarantee PIA's longevity and sturdiness. If done according to manufacturer instruction, the kitchen can be disassembled and relocated if needed.

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