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2-Connect ApS

Lene Haus Vej 9
7430 Ikast, Denmark
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2-Connect ApS is a Danish furniture trading company, merging Scandinavian design together with Asian craftsmanship resulting in a well-balanced blend of quality furniture and highly competitive prices benefitting customers and partners all over the world. Our product range includes indoor and outdoor furniture

We make our product development in Denmark, in close cooperation with our customers. We travel to fairs in Europe and Asia, to get inspiration, most of the times together with our customers. We buy in the part of the world with best competences in specific product areas. therefore, we have partners in both Vietnam, China, Taiwan, Brazil and Baltic states. The diversity of competencies at these markets enables us to supply a broad range of products in many different materials.

We have our own, strong setup, with 2-Connect QC staff in both Vietnam, China, Brazil, Taiwan and the Baltic States securing a high and consistent quality level, firmly kept delivery schedules and developing new business opportunities in short time. We keep daily, personal presence at our suppliers premises, monitoring production schedules and securing agreed quality of the products.

In 2-Connect ApS right quality and timely delivery is greatly prioritized.

Company details
  • Location: Denmark
  • Founded: 2008
  • Branch of industry: Wholesale
  • Trade fairs: imm cologne 2020
Contact person
Portrait of Jacob Molhede
Jacob Molhede Sales
2-Connect ApS