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3d titanium wire

街道和门牌号 japan 街道和门牌号 japan, American Samoa
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Recently, the national key research project "key material genetic engineering technology and supporting platform" focus on special "air with advanced design and preparation of titanium alloy integrated computing" a kick-off meeting for project was held in the metal of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. Ministry of industry development promotion center garment FengTao, experts, Shanghai jiaotong university professor 3d titanium wire xiao-qin zeng project responsibility, Air China in the Beijing institute of aviation materials researcher zhang guoqing, Duan Wenhui, a professor at national tsing hua university, Chinese Academy of Sciences metal by Mary, director, deputy director of the Zhang Zhefeng, dong-sheng xu researcher and project manager at northwestern polytechnical university, xi 'an jiaotong university, central south university, tsinghua university, Northeastern University, Harbin industrial university (weihai), and other topics involved in unit personnel, a total of more than 30 people attended the meeting. Research and development of the national key program focus on special "air with advanced design and preparation of titanium alloy integrated computing" proposed by developing atomic, microstructure and macro simulation method of different space and time scale, build titanium alloy design and process optimization computing platform, and on this basis, around the calculation of titanium alloy design and process optimization for high-throughput multi-scale simulation, closely combined with experimental research, accelerate the realization of the application of several typical aviation component model.
Project director dong-sheng xu at the meeting to report the project general situation, implementation, evaluation index and method of management, head of the subject and the research content, research plan and target, evaluation index and milestone plan made a detailed report. Project group after the briefing, technical route and implementation of projects and project the task plan put forward valuable opinions titanium tubing price and Suggestions. Project responsibility expert xiao-qin zeng said in a summary statement, a kick-off meeting for further clear the mission objectives, condensed the overcome difficult consensus, the hope project team under the guidance of experts refined study goal, optimize the implementation plan, constant innovation and breakthrough, to achieve material key special contributions to the overall goal of genetic engineering.
Titanium processing and the downstream demand is ti6al4v eli relatively stable growth, will markedly enhance its capability of competition in the international market, industry production and sales scale overall present relatively stable rise, but due to the cyclical impact downstream industries, titanium industry as a whole also has relatively significant periodicity. According to statistics, in 2018 the domestic titanium Titanium welding pipe processing capacity of 63396 tons, the enterprise actual sales volume reached 57441 tons, the inventory products 274 tons of expanded significantly year-on-year to 5955 tons, and from 2013 to 2018, over the years, the industry average inventory is around 4000 tons, compared titanium round bar with 2010-2012, 1200 tons of inventory, has a substantial improvement. The increase in inventory mainly have larger relationship with domestic demand growth is relatively slow. Features: on the inner surface of the titanium pipe ti6al4v straight or spiral, half spiral serrated defects.

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3d titanium wire