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Since its birth in 1930 simple artisans, in a small workshop and more often in the courtyards, carded wool and produced mattresses and straw mattresses with the diligence and the love of those who believe in what he does and under the supervision of their own careful and suspicious customer.

They took part in festivals exposing their products and using an old car called “Balilla” to deliver mattresses to customers who had honoured their commitment. Many years have passed since those days and many things have changed: festivals have become international fairs, courtyards and small workshops have become two important plans, the old car “Balilla” was replaced by more appropriate means of transport in order to reach our customers all over the world!

A single feature is still unchanged: the commitment, the attention and the love of one who believes in what he does. Like the first day in 1930 ALTRENOTTI respects customers who believed, believe and will believe in us!

The Philosophy of ALTRENOTTI

ALTRENOTTI production philosophy has always been focused on the customers, on his needs, his habits and his purchasing power. All these needs are analysed and studied by our Research and Development centre, which is alert and well timed in designing and realising new materials and new design.

It is therefore a natural consequence for the company to offer a range of products carefully designed and made to very high standards of excellence and quality using advanced technology and finest materials always based on our mission: satisfy sleep and rest of our customers.



ALTRENOTTI has always been a meeting point and a place of study and analysis, an interface between the production facility and the processes, the technological research and the overall lifestyle of the human race.

Since the company was founded it has appointed the “wellbeing systems”, in particular those connected with sleep and relaxation, as the core of its research and as the driving force of its production strategies.

The ALTRENOTTI Research Centre constantly develops and combines two fundamental aspects: on one hand the need for comfort linked to health.

Sleep that revitalizes with Biorest Concept Bed

A good night’s sleep is an accomplice of the quality of life. Many people feel tired when they wake up in the morning negatively affecting the whole day. A good night’s sleep is essential for psychological and physical wellbeing. While sleeping our body recover energy, regenerate and store data and memories, all the time preparing the body for a good awakening.

There’s no secret: unload the weight back, bring back to the natural curve of the spine, facilitate the circulation of blood, keep the humidity level at 65 %, keep constant temperature of the body and minimize movements during the REM, cancel gravity.

Considering all these aspects it doesn’t exist only a mattress for all the people!

ALTRENOTTI has developed an articulated concept of bed frames and mattresses with different stiffness and lift force offering to the customer his personal.

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  • Employees: 1-10
  • Location: Italy
  • Founded: 1930
  • Branch of industry: Manufacturer
  • Trade fairs: imm cologne 2018, imm cologne 2019, imm cologne 2020
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