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ALPUCH Office Solutions

Calle Catedratico Casabo 6
46910 SEDAVI, Spain
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ALPUCH is one of the leading companies in the field of office furniture supply for management settings. Our success is a result of our commitment to carry out custom-made projects ready to meet our customers´ needs. Other important factors are our responsible operation, excellent execution and flexible organisation. We create and offer a wide range of designs, including modern solutions for electronics or IT tasks, all manufactured in Spain..

Company´s History

Our origins go back to 1963 when the company was founded in Valencia. Initially we dedicated to the home furnishing market until 1998 when the export markets required solutions for Management offices. Since then, we have participated in many top level projects and enlarged our product range and experience in order to be able to satisfy our client’s demands and maximise their profit.

Global Scope

Our specialised team consists of designers, sales and administrative staff, a production engineer and his assistant as well a joint cabinet manufacturing company dedicated to the customised items.

Our marketing network supports clients on five continents.

Technology and Work

Our production policy requires the use of real wood components, either solid or veneered in a variety of different woods, depending on the collection. The decoration with carved parts or marquetry designs and the application of gold or silver plated details give each Collection a noble and a distinguished look. Fittings as on drawers are on invisible metallic rails with smooth stop. We offer different options of implementation of modern accessories for IT which shows our ability to find and develop individual solutions.

Our Team

Our employees work with a total responsibility to develop high-quality products and projects and meet the needs of our customers all over the world. The ever changing demand for customized solutions make our work challenging and interesting and creates a constant evolution of our product.

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  • Location: Spain
  • Branch of industry: Manufacturer
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ALPUCH Office Solutions
ALPUCH Office Solutions
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