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Via Ca' Morelli n. 19
31056 Roncade (TV), Italy
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Initially specialized in the production of hinges for premium furniture, during the eighties the range of products was subsequently expanded to include more furniture items, glass door assembly kits and locking systems, becoming in a short time a point of reference in the Italian furniture landscape. More recently Anselmi & C Srl, taking advantage from its long experience in zamak die casting, has successfully focused on the invisible hinges for interior doors with the Istar line.

Technical Office

The Technical Office of Anselmi Srl is in charge of the crucial phases of design assigned exclusively to the company's own technicians.

The Technical Office works in close contact with the Laboratory, lays the foundations for careful control and precision during production through the "Tooling-Moulds-Product" cycle, and works in the greatest safety with the use of CAD-CAM systems and numeric control machines for the development of special equipment and moulds.


The Laboratory of Anselmi Srl performs various functions ranging from research to support activities for both the Technical Office and the Production Dept. required for the definition of quality standards.

In particular, the Laboratory conducts all the chemical and mechanical analyses and incoming material tests in order to ensure the highest production standards, while also performing final testing and all the other checks necessary, from those on the prototype to the inspection of the finished product.


Every single element designed by the Technical Office is tested by the Laboratory before reaching the first phase in the productive process: ZAMA pressing

Galvanic treatments

Following further testing and selection, the pressed items are provided with the surface treatment that provides the required finish: copper, nickel, brass or bronze.


After passing the quality check for an absolute precise control on the uniformity of the surface treatment thickness, the parts are ready for assembly, which is performed exclusively by automatic and semi-automatic machines.

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  • Employees: 11-50
  • Location: Italy
  • Founded: 1996
  • Branch of industry: Manufacturer
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