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74321 Bietigheim-Bissingen, Germany
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At art aqua, we are convinced that water and green elements in buildings have a positive impact on human beings. This has been the driving force behind our daily actions since more than 25 years. Around 40 % of all employees in Germany work in office spaces. Due to this fact healthy solutions not only gain importance in manufacturing halls but also play a more and more essential role in the design of work and office concepts.

In consideration of the global climate change companies have the responsibility to plan economically efficient and resource-friendly buildings. Climate water walls from art aqua regulate the room temperature and adjust the air humidity to an optimum level of comfort. They generate a constantly high indoor air quality without germs or pathogens. Green and water installations absorb pollutants from electrical devices, fine dust, ozone or odors. Living and moving surfaces are the alternative to traditional sound masking systems and reduce the perceived level of noise.

Innovation, creativity and imagination are cornerstones for a successful realization of your desires and ideas. Our goal is to create an inspiring and healthy work environment while anticipating customer needs and setting trends.

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