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Balaton Bútor Kft.

Házgyári Út. 4
8200 Veszprém, Hungary
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With 120 years of knowledge, experience, and tradition, along with advanced manufacturing technology and quality control, the company is now one of the region's most modern furniture manufactories.

According to the philosophy of Balaton Bútor; life should be enjoyed in style.

Due to the creativity and skill of noted Swedish, Norwegian, British, German, and Hungarian designers, as well as the excellent carpentry team, the products of Balaton Bútor blend elegantly into everyday interiors while making work, and leisure much more enjoyable.

The rightfully popular products of Balaton Bútor continually accompany generations almost like family members since the turn of the century. As lasting Hungaricums, they remain as widely favoured accessories of exciting and classy interiors today.

A passion for design, craftsmanship, and tradition, combined with unique manufacturing technologies, is what makes the company a reliable and competitive partner.

The history of Balaton Bútor begins with a small, cosy manufactory founded in 1896 in Veszprém (not far from Central Europe’s largest body of freshwater, Lake Balaton), to produce furniture from local beech. The company still uses mainly local beech and oak for its products.

Balaton Bútor not only offers high-quality products of its own, but also produces models for other companies. It provides excellent manufacturing planning and unique technological solutions for its clients, many of whom are also furniture manufacturers.

Products of Balaton Bútor are exhibited all year long at the company's showrooms in Budapest, Miskolc and Munich.

Company details
  • Employees: 51-200
  • Location: Hungary
  • Founded: 2008
  • Branch of industry: Manufacturer
  • Trade fairs: interzum 2017, interzum 2019
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Portrait of Marta Kovacs
Marta Kovacs
Balaton Bútor Kft.
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Armchair 3065 Armchair 3065
by Balaton Bútor Kft.
Armchair 3067 Armchair 3067
by Balaton Bútor Kft.
Armchair 6045 Armchair 6045
by Balaton Bútor Kft.
Armchair 6166 Armchair 6166
by Balaton Bútor Kft.
Armchair 6245 Armchair 6245
by Balaton Bútor Kft.
Armchair 6255 Armchair 6255
by Balaton Bútor Kft.
Chair 3025 Chair 3025
by Balaton Bútor Kft.
Chair 6021 Chair 6021
by Balaton Bútor Kft.
Chair Mydem 3 Chair Mydem 3
by Balaton Bútor Kft.
Sofa, 2-Seater 6245.02 Sofa, 2-Seater 6245.02
by Balaton Bútor Kft.