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Boers Techniek B.V.

Bemmelseweg 77
6662 PE Elst (Gld.), Netherlands
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Boers Techniek b.v. has employed an average of ten (10) fully employed experienced and motivated employees. The team is well balanced with young and older personnel to ensure continuation of our know-how for the future. One of the main targets for the team is the continuing will to improve both on quality as on productivity.


Paul Boers


Paul Boers is the director of Boers Techniek b.v. since 2000. He has a wide scala of technical education and has been a former head mechanic at Recticel Kesteren b.v. He took over the company van Aggelen en Berendonk in 2006. With his company he wants to be a creative and relaible partner.


Corry Boers-van der Burg


Corry Boers-van der Burg takes care of the administration, coordination and marketingcommunication. She is closely involved for the preparations for fairs, like the Interzum. Furthermore she supports Paul with proffesional business.

Company details
  • Employees: 1-10
  • Location: Netherlands
  • Founded: 2006
  • Branch of industry: Manufacturer
  • Trade fairs: interzum 2017, interzum 2019
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Portrait of Paul Boers
Paul Boers Senior Management
Boers Techniek B.V.
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Portrait of Corry Boers- van der Burg
Corry Boers- van der Burg
Boers Techniek B.V.
Product portfolio
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9101 Foam Pillow drill 9101 Foam Pillow drill
by Boers Techniek B.V.
9102 Mattress drill 100cm 9102 Mattress drill 100cm
by Boers Techniek B.V.
9103 Matress drill XYZ 9103 Matress drill XYZ
by Boers Techniek B.V.
9106 Mattress drill 220cm 9106 Mattress drill 220cm
by Boers Techniek B.V.
Foam milling machine Foam milling machine
by Boers Techniek B.V.
Lisport XL Lisport XL
by Boers Techniek B.V.
Padmill Padmill
by Boers Techniek B.V.