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8831 Løgstrup, Denmark
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About Bovictus A/S – History

The story of Bovictus began in 1992, when our owner, Kim Krull Jørgensen took the first step towards realising his ambition of creating a wholesale firm that would appeal to the broad mid-tier segment in the gift and industrial design market.

Kim Krull Jørgensen’s professional background and business acumen have remained the cornerstones of the company to this very day.

Over the years, as the world has constantly changed, so has Bovictus A/S. The years have featured the development of a wide range of in-house concepts and brands, the acquisition of other companies and a constant effort to be the safe business partner choice for our customers.

Today, Bovictus is a modern wholesale firm, offering a huge range of functionally designed household items.

Today we work exclusively with our own collections and brands, developed in close collaboration with talented, innovative designers and sold through the Zone, Villa Collection, Galzone and KJ Collection brands, each of which has its own unique positioning.

The latest major changes include an extremely successful development of Zone over the past few seasons and, for the AW ‘17 season, the launch of a newly developed Villa Collection, boosted by a new and even more astute position. In other words, we have paved the way for future growth, and all our brands and concepts can hold their own in the domestic market and export markets with our ranges in a constant state of dynamic evolution.

Today Bovictus employs 50 passionate members of staff, alongside agents represented in 40+ markets throughout Europe, the Middle East etc.

Company details
  • Employees: 51-200
  • Location: Denmark
  • Founded: 1990
  • Branch of industry: Wholesale
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