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The company has been being for years on the market as producer of accessories for furniture, articles of furnishing in metal, lamps and similar products. The industrial installation is extended on 40.000 square (of which 12.000 covered) meters. The company CAIMI EXPORT is constituted with 5/10/1964 action. In the first phase the firm operates in Vighizzolo di Cantu.'

Gradually the company passes from a production of plastic profiles to various makings of the aluminium, progressively developing the actual area of market up to become one of the business leader in this area. Flexible programs for a complete service. You are shown a new phase of the industrial development: the connection more and more between search and product. To find simple solutions for complex assignments continues to be the mission of the company.

Through a series of big investments in new fittings, in modern technologies and in specialized human resources, the company wants to get the raising of the standard productive and quality. It gets a big range of products of category and a series of exclusive systems for opening closets differentiated of the shutters. Operating with an original and surprising material as the aluminium, CAIMI EXPORT exalts the highest degree of expressiveness and use of it. An identity of business that recognizes in the news.

Aware of the quality of the products the company exports own trade-mark on the international markets with big results. The good result of a product it is the result of the a lot of components, two among the most important the choice of the materials and the destination of use, better the practicality. The aluminium is one of the material to work on measure. Who chooses today the aluminium, its colour, its surfaces, its plasticity, it makes interpreter of the idea of a technology some more noble.

In the consequence of such objectives CAIMI EXPORT is the search of a new dimension that can answer to the most rigorous demands of the customers and not from less the sensibility towards the awkward problems to the impact ambient.

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  • Location: Italy
  • Branch of industry: Manufacturer
  • Trade fairs: interzum 2017
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