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688011 Alleppey, India
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“There were many occasions where we had to decide between quality and margins. We decided early on, that quality would never be compromised upon. We would make a lower quantity but never an inferior quality”

- Mr. George Mathew, Chairman, Duroflex


In 1963, when our founder, the late Mr. P. C. Mathew first began manufacturing coir mattresses, it was a pioneering effort. In the 50 years that followed, much has changed. People, policies, economies, markets, ergonomic theories, customer preferences and many new technologies. But the spirit of new ventures has endured. The pioneering effort 50 years ago has endeavoured to create India's leading manufacturer of advanced sleep systems. We are now India's largest exporter of sleep and comfort products. What began as a small manufacturing plant along the quiet canal at Alleppey, Kerala, is today a leading enterprise with the most modern manufacturing processes in Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Telangana State and Maharashtra.


We expect more change in the years to come. But what will stay with us is the endeavour that began it all. A spirit that will challenge and motivate us to innovate and continuously create better sleep and comfort products.




Every year, we passionately strive and develop products that make your sleep experience better. This year, we are excited to present a range of the most innovative sleep solutions, put together by our team of dedicated engineers, designers and medical consultants striving to ensure that you have a therapeutic sleep experience night after night.



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