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Comodo Italia s.r.l.

Via Dell'Orzo 53
70022 Altamura (BA), Italy
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COMODO ITALIA srl, with a share capital of 119,000 euro and a forty-year experience, became a leading company in Italy in the production of mechanisms and foldable bed bases for sofa beds.

The company operates in the Altamura industrial district on a covered surface of 6,400 sq m. Its products are the result of constant design and technological evolution, covered by patents, always aimed at meeting new market demands and achieving a medium-high quality standard. Comodo Italia Srl is one of the leading companies in Italy in the production of bed bases and foldable mechanisms for sofa beds and is based in Altamura, near Bari.

Thanks to its founder, Filippo Baldassarra, the company has 50 years of experience in the production foldable mechanism bed bases sector. It makes about 150,000 foldable mechanisms and roughly 130,000 fixed bed bases with a highly industrialised production cycle. All Comodo Italia products are easy to use, highly resilient and provide constant quality over time. Plus, many of them are patented, thanks to a technical staff that works constantly on conceiving and designing new solutions. The skills of its management team and the professional approach of its human resources make Comodo Italia a company that can promptly meet changing demands coming from domestic and international markets, whilst ensuring the creation of greater economic value for itself, its customers and its market.

Company details
  • Employees: 11-50
  • Location: Italy
  • Founded: 1987
  • Branch of industry: Specialised Trade
  • Trade fairs: interzum 2017
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Portrait of Anna Mangiatordi
Anna Mangiatordi
Comodo Italia s.r.l.
Product portfolio
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COM01 – Carrello Model COM01 – Carrello Model
by Comodo Italia s.r.l.
COM03 – 2 Pieghe 185 Model COM03 – 2 Pieghe 185 Model
by Comodo Italia s.r.l.
COM05 3 pieghe model COM05 3 pieghe model
by Comodo Italia s.r.l.
COM24 – Twin model COM24 – Twin model
by Comodo Italia s.r.l.
COM28 – VLX 2005 model COM28 – VLX 2005 model
by Comodo Italia s.r.l.
COM30 – Eureka model COM30 – Eureka model
by Comodo Italia s.r.l.
COM31 – Model Carrello Kit COM31 – Model Carrello Kit
by Comodo Italia s.r.l.
COM33 – Smartbed model COM33 – Smartbed model
by Comodo Italia s.r.l.