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Römerstrasse 52
56330 Kobern-Gondorf, Germany
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Conde House was started nearly half a century ago, in Hokkaido, Japan. Since our founding, the main mission of Conde House has always been simple: to make furniture of the highest quality that is of timeless design, for you to enjoy.

Furniture that lasts, and that assumes the patina of age, is a remarkable characteristic that few products can claim. A piece of furniture serves a simple purpose. There are no complicated reasons. Furniture needs only to be simultaneously pleasing to look at, while being superbly comfortable, and durable, so that it can be enhanced by natural patina, as only a truly crafted object can attain.

Conde House makes furniture for people who instinctively know what they like.

Our mission is to make furniture that is well designed and well made, so that the patina can be yours. Our mission is to make furniture that lasts, and that you will continue to enjoy over time.

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  • Location: Germany
  • Branch of industry: Manufacturer
  • Trade fairs: imm cologne 2017, imm cologne 2018, imm cologne 2019
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Portrait of Alfred Roos
Alfred Roos Senior Management
Conde House Europe GmbH
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Ippongi Grid Coffee Table 120 Ippongi Grid Coffee Table 120
by Conde House Europe GmbH
Ten Armchair (Back Resin) Ten Armchair (Back Resin)
by Conde House Europe GmbH
Tosai Screen, 3 Elements Tosai Screen, 3 Elements
by Conde House Europe GmbH