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ul. Armii Krajowej 85
32-590 Libiaz, Poland
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Krysztalowy Swiat/Crystal World is family owned company, successfully operating since 1999. Among our customers are Ministry of Defense, Hotels, Spas, Hospitals, Elderly Care Facilities, Child Care, Kindergartens, Private Homes. we had a pleasure of working wth customers from 26 countries and 3 continents.

Our family members have worked in the Wieliczka Salt Mine. The owner, Grzegorz Pajdak grew up and has personally used and witnessed the benefits of the underground salt environment. During his training towards his II and III place finish in the European Cup in Knockdown Karate in ’95 and 97, he used Wieliczka Salt Mine Rehabilitation Center for better and faster recovery after heavy trainings as well as improving his overall health. His success in both Karate and Chess provided him with the ability to fulfill his wish of bringing the unique environment of UNESCO Heritage Sight Wieliczka Salt Mine to people of the world. His life long exposure and love of salt inspired him to solve many problems of construction with that mineral. He fell in love with the unique beauty and untouched purity of salt crystals, as well as with all the ambiance and health benefits they provide. He has made countless innovations and his patented technology allowing him to bring this original environment of UNESCO Wieliczka Salt Mine for you to enjoy and benefit your SPAs and Hotel Rooms. You can buy salt products from many parts of the world including Asia and Americas, but be assured that as with Ferrari, if you want the original it can only come from one place. Our products, like Ferraris, will bring you in luxury and unique beauty of ancient salt crystals towards your goal of optimal health and ultimate satisfaction. Our products are hand made works of art and are fully customizable, unique, fast acting and powerful. The innovative technology allows us to install our products in almost all types of construction. Thanks to our patented technology we are able to build using Salt Crystals instead of salt bricks or salt rocks. Salt is a very difficult mineral to build with because one of the characteristics is that 1 cubic yard weighs 2.5 tones. The greatest benefits is given through exposure to the salts surface. Using Salt Crystals has allowed us to maximize the surface area and minimize the weight of the plates. Let us transport you in back time to the ancient serenity of healing salt mines right into location of your choice with art work designed by you.

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  • Location: Poland
  • Branch of industry: Manufacturer
  • Trade fairs: imm cologne 2018
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Portrait of Grzegory Paydak
Grzegory Paydak Senior Management
Crystal World