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DANNENFELSER furniture is a registered trademark and is now available for generations. As early as the 1950s began in Hamburg with the trade of furniture. In 2006 Sabine Dannenfelser has then begun selling furniture online. Not only furniture for babies, children and adolescents, but also furniture for the adults that are sold today under the domain was focus and but is always the region have been children's furniture, which has, even further after the birth of our daughter.

Previously we have in Hamburg the first indoor playground established in 2004 (Play-City Hamburg XXL). A playing paradise in the heart of Hamburg were for children aged 2-12 years who play and run around here whim. The game City we sold two years later and remained faithful to the founding of the German-DES e-shopping GmbH in 2006 our line with children.

The first big shop in Hamburg for children's furniture, we opened on 700sqm 2009

In 2009, then the first pure specialist shop for baby furniture and baby furniture was opened on 700sqm in Hamburg. In this business, you see the Osterfeldstraße in Hamburg-Eppendorf, we present housing concepts for children and provide a variety of known and prestigious brands. We also come to your home and will set up your new baby room or nursery complete a. For this, we work with relevant 3D programs that can visualize the room in advance.

In total Northern Germany we deliver with own vehicles and staff. On request, all the furniture are also equal professionally constructed home with you disposed of the packaging again and passed everything perfect to you. We also have a corresponding certification in order to dispose of the packaging properly. Typically, these are but reshaped for environmental reasons by us with special machines for insulating material, which is used for our shipping trade in children's furniture and also adult furniture. We respect the environment, not least for our daughter and all the people who come to us .. But on the cost side makes converting cardboard in packaging material a lot of sense.

A second children's furniture store was opened in Hamburg in 2014

Due to the success of our store in Eppendorf we then opened the second children's furniture store in the Alstertal in, 2014. This store offers locally an overview of all the furniture that we produce ourselves and for which we are manufacturers. Here you can check all furniture to the "acid test" and also learn about the current standards etc. with us locally. It is also here as well as in the store eppendorf the opportunity personally collect purchased on the web goods, if you want this.

Over time, we have continuously built up and started to produce more and more of their own furniture, which are so successful that we are already doing this for many years to the specialist trade, but not primarily, but so far only on request our brands. This sector Children's furniture wholesale we build strong impact and are looking for new and interested dealers who are using our product lines ROOM STAR and the lamps and specials such as play and adventure beds with in your program, so that all the customer anywhere on site, our furniture and even buy can, not only via the Internet. The B2B is professionalized and greatly expanded, not only in Germany, but especially abroad. For this, we are well equipped for our employees speak not only English or German, but also Spanish and Russian.

About 25 employees take care of the entire process

Overall, we have in the commercial sector as well as in logistics 25 employees who take care of your inquiries, the commercial management as well as to the delivery of the goods. Over the years, we have to send the children furniture optimized so that these also arrived safely at you no matter where you live. We are not only specialized in selling our children's furniture stores, but also to the delivery of children's furniture in the world. We have customers throughout Europe, the Middle East, the US and even in China.

Our main warehouse is located in the commercial area in Hamburg-Billbrook. At a size of 3000 sqm we store in our high shelves our furniture. From here, our trucks drive off to your home and install and build the children's furniture on request equal with on. From here, however, is also our Shipping via forwarding and courier services held in all the world. Come like us to Billbrook, we'll show you how we work here in the camp and as we pack our furniture.

In the future we will open extra children's furniture stores in Europe. Either by additional qualified distributors or through its own stores under the label DANNE FELSER. If you are interested, then we look forward to hearing from you.

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