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"Dig-Net" Lenart Sp. J.

Mroczen 65A
63-611 Mroczen, Poland
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Dignet Lenart unlimited partnership – the owner of Lenart – is a recognized producer of cabinet furniture dedicated to living rooms, dining rooms, bedrooms and others. We also offer a wide range of furniture for children and teenagers.

The family business was set in 1992 and its strategy is based on using newest technologies and state-of-the-art means of managing. We guarantee professional and complex customer service, price flexibility and on-time delivery.

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  • Location: Poland
  • Branch of industry: Manufacturer
  • Trade fairs: imm cologne 2020
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Portrait of Natalia Domagala
Natalia Domagala
"Dig-Net" Lenart Sp. J.
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CONCEPT PRO vertical CONCEPT PRO vertical
by "Dig-Net" Lenart Sp. J.
CONCEPT PRO horizontal CONCEPT PRO horizontal
by "Dig-Net" Lenart Sp. J.
CP-01 CP-01
by "Dig-Net" Lenart Sp. J.
CP-07 CP-07
by "Dig-Net" Lenart Sp. J.
CP-01 horizontal CP-01 horizontal
by "Dig-Net" Lenart Sp. J.
CP-03 vertical Murphy bed CP-03 vertical Murphy bed
by "Dig-Net" Lenart Sp. J.