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We are a Polish company DESIGNING and MANUFACTURING FURNITURE of BARRELS and OLD WOOD. We make a good team open to innovation, art and people. In particular, we appreciate our offer of furniture made of used wine barrels. This is the third life for wood. Our barrels are made of the noblest species of oak – the king of all trees. Oak refines the wine, gives it smoothness and class. We want to keep the oak’s role alive in our projects. Our designers are constantly working on new designs. We also listen with great attention to the voice of our customers.

DUE became a sales representative of the world’s leader in wine cellar design and production in Poland. The holding includes three companies: Sorrells Wineracks Ltd; The Traditional Winerack Co Ltd; Carlo Garn. Since 1947, our Partner has gained extensive experience in the market. Customers in Poland will be able to create their own wine cellar based on the experience of both our Partner and DUE in designing furniture, unique collections made of wine barrels and old wood. Together, we can accomplish any project for the most demanding customers in Poland.

Furthermore, we design and manufacture furniture of old wood, whose origin is equally intriguing. It comes from old barns, wooden houses, Catholic and Orthodox churches located in Galicia, i.e. the region of south-eastern Poland and western Ukraine. In the 19th century, the Kingdom of Galicia and Lodomeria, forgotten today, used to be located here with its capital in Lviv and later in Cracow. Noble wood tells the history of people who inhabited this land – beautiful and severe, mysterious and inspiring. The Carpathian Mountains are also defined by art cultivated here for a thousand years. We strived to keep the spirit of this land alive in our projects. We believe that we have succeeded.

Contemporary trends in interior design, in which rustic, vintage elements are combined with modernism, have become our inspiration. Such projects are often a blend of: old wood, solid rock and glass. Such interiors and gardens also deserve a special mention for their eclectic forms. The vintage style, but also the Provencal design and even some Scandinavian style contexts are frequent digressions of contemporary interior and garden designs.

We wanted to present and offer a wide range of tasteful furniture with old wood as the base material. Also oak wood coming from used wine barrels. Barrel staves are demanding material for every designer, as they have natural limitations resulting from their curvature. However, if such limitations are properly used, they can turn into strengths of every single project making it light, dynamic and elegant. These are the features of furniture aspiring to look stylish. We have chosen to focus on style itself, rather than styling. We do not make our wood look older, as we use real old wood. The barrels we use were home to wine from Tuscany, Piedmont and Eger. We bring together prominent designers who are fully aware of not only what the balance of form is about, but also constructive minimalism with no shade of mannerism.

The furniture presented blends seamlessly with stylish interiors, which refer to the rustic style; they almost perfectly fit any wine cellar, tasting lounge, orangery, porch and rustic garden. What more can fit the cellar full of wine than furniture made of wine barrels? Every wine enthusiast gets the right sense of it. There are few companies with such a production profile in the market. However, our projects are not, of course, addressed exclusively to wine enthusiasts. All customers appreciating style and original design should find something that suits their needs. We also recommend checking out our projects in the INSPIRATIONS tab, where you can find not only multiple interior, garden and wine cellar designs, but also various objects that are contemporary functional art. Many of these projects have been appreciated and awarded at prestigious fairs and exhibitions of contemporary design. What we present are contemporary trends in interior and garden design. When developing our furniture collection, we sought inspiration from these particular trends.

We want to be close to our customers and thus we encourage you to evaluate our designs, as we are not afraid of criticism. Every single constructive feedback may bring us closer to perfection.

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  • Employees: 1-10
  • Location: Poland
  • Branch of industry: Manufacturer
  • Trade fairs: imm cologne 2018
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