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edel-stahl Büchele GmbH & Co KG

Rheinstrasse 4
6971 Hard, Austria
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Being different does not mean getting noticed at any price,

it is much more about breaking out of the mould.

edel-stahl Büchele is different. As a small, family operated manufacturer we can engage in visions, dreams and ideas while simultaneously living our own. In this way, unique products come into being, special one-of-a-kind pieces, crafted with passion, with a feel for form and shaping, an understanding of materials and the knowledge of their special handling and effect. In essence, a very personal craftsmanship that creates distinctive items of unmistakable individuality and perfection.

Our fifty year-old small, family-operated stainless steel factory stands for personal craftsmanship, creativity and skill. It is where stainless steel becomes the true manifestation of the visions of architects and designers, the dreams of owners, and the ideas of our employees.

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  • Location: Austria
  • Trade fairs: LivingKitchen 2017
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edel-stahl Büchele GmbH & Co KG
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