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Headquartered in Santa Barbara, California, Ergomotion is a global sleep technology company that has become the leader in bringing beauty and function to living spaces around the world. We help people live better lives, we power the adjustable bed industry, we are the world's largest privately-held sleep technology company, and we differentiate our products from the competition by following a simple guiding principle: that for our end users, luxury is achieved through both style and substance. It is Ergomotion’s mission to create functionally beautiful living experiences. Ergomotion's home office is located on the "Tech Coast" in Santa Barbara, California, USA., with offices world-wide.

In Europe, Ergomotion has a full inventory of our advanced, California, USA-designed products in-stock and ready for immediate delivery from our Vilnius, Lithuania warehouse location. There, Ergomotion has established a partnership with a reliable, expeditious transportation company, resulting in a transport capability that results in rapid delivery across the EU.  Ergomotion products are also available throughout the Middle East, South America, and Asia. 

Ergomotion adjustable bed bases are designed for seamless integration with the world’s leading mattress companies and with our customers’ existing bed frames. This approach allows our customers to easily bring the luxury of Ergomotion into their homes. With a touch of a button, an Ergomotion bed base can transform your room to your work, rest or relaxation needs. Our preset positions are ergonomically correct, increasing blood flow and designed to provide restorative sleep. Our built-in massage functionality is adjustable by intensity and duration providing further personalization and relaxation to the Ergomotion experience.

In 2005, our founder Alain Clénet made his first adjustable bed base at his home in Santa Ynez, CA. Having previously founded Clénet Coachworks Inc. – a designer and manufacturer of limited-edition neoclassic automobiles – Clénet’s track record of creating luxury products by marrying style and substance was long-established. Within a year of developing his adjustable bed base prototype, Alain and his son Kelly Clenet started Ergomotion.

Today, over 1 million Ergomotion adjustable bed bases have been sold across 30+ countries worldwide to over 170 major brands. Ergomotion is led by CEO and President Jack Tang and is a member of Keeson Technology Corporation Ltd., out of Jiaxing City, China. Mr. Tang, along with Chief Operating Officer Johnny Griggs and VP of Operations Kyle Muench, has grown Ergomotion’s global brand and footprint while maintaining Alain Clénet’s tenets of innovation, quality, collaboration and exceptional customer service.

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  • Location: Lithuania
  • Branch of industry: Manufacturer
  • Trade fairs: imm cologne 2017, imm cologne 2018, imm cologne 2019, imm cologne 2020
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