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FAB s.r.l.

Via Milano, 3 - 7
61020 Gallo di Petriano (PU), Italy
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We strive for efficiency through innovation and flexibility and support our clients in the evolution of the global market.

FAB is a reliable partner, whose organization is able to manage complex projects providing practical, ad hoc, solutions for furniture components.

Our Vision: " FAB furniture components worldwide".


Passion is our key in the development of our company and people. We strive for excellence in producing quality goods, combining reliability, sustainability and supporting our territory.

Our business strategy focuses on a far-reaching approach open to every potential market. We assess the economic and financial consequences of every opportunity and take decisions that allow product profitability increase, removing all obstacles.

We pride ourselves in being unique: client’s requirements, permanent improvement and proactive approach to challenges are crucial aspects for delivering a flexible and reliable service with innovative and efficient processes.

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  • Location: Italy
  • Branch of industry: Manufacturer
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Portrait of Ivan Bartolucci
Ivan Bartolucci Senior Management
FAB s.r.l.