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Feldkircher GmbH

Weidachstr. 25
6858 Schwarzach, Germany
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Our primary goal is the environmentally friendly production of an honest product that offers maximum benefits to the customer.

- Production flow is adapted to fit the needs of our employees

- "made by hand" - we are securing our future through innovation and strict adherence to the finest traditions of European craftsmanship

- Teamwork and shared effort are integral to the success of our company

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  • Location: Germany
  • Branch of industry: Skilled Trade
  • Trade fairs: imm cologne 2017, imm cologne 2018, imm cologne 2019
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Portrait of Hubert Feldkircher
Hubert Feldkircher Senior Management
Feldkircher GmbH
Product portfolio
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»Antheo soft« »Antheo soft«
by Feldkircher GmbH
»Bedding loading" »Bedding loading"
by Feldkircher GmbH
»Ladino« »Ladino«
by Feldkircher GmbH
»Matheo« »Matheo«
by Feldkircher GmbH
»Sideboard Pinus« »Sideboard Pinus«
by Feldkircher GmbH
»Tadao pur« »Tadao pur«
by Feldkircher GmbH
»Tröler Familie 1828« »Tröler Familie 1828«
by Feldkircher GmbH