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Furnitur-BY LLC

Mashinostroiteley str., 31, 220118, Minsk, Republic of Belarus
220118 Minsk, Belarus
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Furnitur-BY LLC is the largest company on the CIS territory, which specializes in production and procurement of shoe, sewing and haberdashery accessories from metal and plastic as well as the materials used for shoe production.
   In spite of the fact that the volumes of production are growing our company always fulfill all the obligations undertaken and this makes us a reliable partner for captains of light industry in the CIS countries. Since 2017, we have entered new sales markets in Europe, Asia and Latin America. Furnitur-BY LLC is always where high quality, optimal price and a warranty of timely delivery are required.

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  • Location: Belarus
  • Branch of industry: Manufacturer
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Portrait of Prof. Sergey Furnitur
Prof. Sergey Furnitur Marketing
Furnitur-BY LLC