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Guangdong Yabo Furniture Industries Co.,Ltd

Shazui Industrial Zone, Jiujiang Town, Nanhai District, Foshan City, Guangdong Province
528203 Foshan, People's Republic of China
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YABO(Hotel) Furniture Industry Co. Ltd., as an integrated large enterprise of design, production, sales and service, is a high-end customized furniture manufacturing enterprise specially for luxury hotels. Clubs and high-end villas. Yabo is located in Jiujiang Town, Nanhai, known as China's Furniture Trade and Business Capital, relying on the geographical advantage of Pan Pearl River Delta, adjacent to Hongkong and Macao SAR as its business hub, and faces the international market. After 20 years of careful management, Yabo has become the international top brand manufacturer for hotel furniture and villas furniture.


Yabo invented a new working method of combing the unique assembly line and traditional handwork to solve the productivity problem of customized furniture, which, joining the staff's personality and catering to the production of the large industry, effectively solve the problems of big quantity and tight production time.

With the registered capital of RMB 100, 300, 000 and over 700 employees, have realized the sales income of RMB250, 000, 000(with foreign trade RMB80, 000, 000) and the production area of 120000 square meters. The production base of the fourth phase is stepping up the preparation, with 60, 000 square meters, and after achieving the production, the production capacity will increase 50% based on the existing foundation.

Yabo owns a designer team with full fighting spirit, hard-working, good public relation strategy and dedicated spirit. They have extremely strong professional ability, which can maximize the practical value and artistic value, and also pay much more attention to the cooperation with the overall design scheme of the hotel, creating the optimal space design. They are good at capturing ideas between tradition and classics; Achieve the balance between region and folk-custom; Create the values between reality and design. We expect to provide the perfect service and furniture configuration scheme, and the best visual effects works for each customer.


Pace designer and hotel groups, and provide more perfect hotel space environment for customers; Encourage oneself!


In the future, Yabo expects to creat together with the industry one high quality platform, which can cooperate with the space designer, achieve the space art of high-end hotel, and realize the win-win results by complementing each other; Yabo expects to work with the excellent space designer and hotel groups, and provide more perfect hotel space environment for customers; Encourage oneself!

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  • Employees: 501-1.000
  • Location: People's Republic of China
  • Founded: 1998
  • Branch of industry: Manufacturer
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