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Hartmann traditional

For over 35 years, Hartmann Kunststoff-Technik from Herford has been leading in the manufacture of standard and special parts for the slatted frame, bed and furniture industry. The success story began in 1973 on the site of the former ironworks with the manufacture of simple, plastic, rubber and synthetic rubber parts for the slatted frame industry and, thanks to pioneering developments at Hartmann, has been perfected to a worldwide philosophy for "Healthy Sleep".

Hartmann productive

In cooperation with renowned orthopaedic and anatomy specialists Hartmann continues to be a pioneering component supplier for bed and bedding manufacturers as well as the consumer. Of course, the company processes premium materials which are fully recyclable. Hartmann has long been represented world wide and the export figure is growing constantly. Three plants working with a staff of over 100 and the most modern machinery, manufacture products which have achieved world wide recognition.

Hartmann innovative

At the beginning of the 90s, the Herford-based company expanded its production range to the area of motor drives for slatted frames and convertible furniture. A highlight in the extensive range of Hartmann-asytec is BELITEC®. This is a motor drive system with a high-quality slatted frame and latex mattress, which can be built into every cupboard, shelving system or room divider. The highlight in the system is the fact that the entire mechanism can be built into only one third of the item of furniture and is not even recognizable as a bed. At the press of a button and without effort of any kind, this high-quality bed can extended and retracted by remote control.

Hartmann progressive

In the area of motor drives for slatted frames too, Hartmann provides professional solutions. One example is the asyromatic. The drive is based on a self-winding belt, known as safety belt in the automobile industry. In the Hartmann Group a QM-System as accordance with ISO 9001 was introduced in 1999, in order to adequately respond to the constantly increasing demands of the markets. In the new millennium too, Hartmann Kunststofftechnik expanded its market leadership through the development and implementation of pioneering ides and impulses for restorative and healthy sleep.

The philosophy of healthy sleeping

Hartmann Kunststofftechnik as component supplier for the bed and slatted frame industry sets standards in the philosophy of healthy sleep. Healthy and restorative sleep fulfils vital functions. On the one hand the spine is regenerated, on the other important metabolic processes take place and the restoration of the cell tissue is promoted. Basically there are two different components for guaranteeing a restorative night's sleep.

1. The mattress

• The mattress must offer the sleeper good anatomically-correct support of the body in all sleep positions.

• A good mattress supports the entire body evenly and adapts to the body form. It yields only in those places (point elasticity), where it bears weight, and not in the surrounding area.

• The posture of the sleeper changes ca. 30-50 times per night, which is why the mattress should reverberate as little as possible.

• A good mattress must transport body moisture away from the body and into the air in the room and thus ensure a pleasant, dry sleeping climate (vertical and horizontal air circulation).

• It is recommended that a good mattress should be replaced every 7-10 years. The reasons are loss of hygiene properties and the fatigue of the padding material.

• It is also advisable to adapt the degree of hardness of the mattress to the individual weight of the sleeper.

2. The slatted frame

A good slatted frame must adapt well to the anatomical features of the body. In this, every part of the body has different requirements. The neck should be slightly raised, shoulders and buttocks slightly lowered and the hollow of the back supported.

In summary it can be said: An adaptable slatted frame is as important as a point-elastic mattress.

Our recommendation: Try it out and avail of extensive consultation.

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  • Employees: 51-200
  • Location: Germany
  • Founded: 1999
  • Branch of industry: Supplier
  • Trade fairs: interzum 2017, interzum 2019
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