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The JADO experience in high-quality metal processing goes back to the year 1890. At that time, the gentlemen Jans and Roth founded a manufactory in Offenbach near Frankfurt am Main, In which fittings for leather cases were manufactured.


After the second world war, the business sector changed as Mr. Jans and his new partner Mr. Heinsdorf adapted The production to fittings for the strongly growing furniture industry. Jans & Heinsdorf is founded.


In the beginning of the seventies, the assortment was expanded by door and window handles – complemented by numerous patents. The company changes its name to JADO and


JADO expands through the acquisition of Wils&Co. (WICO), a producer of bathroom fixtures. The company also founds branches throughout Europe.


The company is converted into a public limited company, the JADO AG. The sanitary division merges with the fittings division under the name JADO.


American Standard becomes JADO´s largest shareholder.


The Italian company Reguitti Spa bought from American Standard the branch of JADO hardware (door handles and accessories), With the acquisition of JADO series, the dynamic Reguitti group has increased the prestige and breadth of their offer. With the flexibility and focused experience of Reguitti in the capacity of service, JADO door handles have found a new life on the service capacity to satisfy the need of interior design, satisfying technical and stylistic requirements of the client.


The history continues, the future evolves – JADO hardware becomes JATEC After many years of exclusive ownership in the production and distribution of handles and accessories of the highest possible standard in the market, Jatec GmbH is confirming its presence in the market with even greater strength. The history, style and quality of brand, together with the technology and service provided, are now total ownership of JATEC Gmbh, a trademark already distributed in many countries worldwide.

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  • Employees: 1-10
  • Location: Germany
  • Founded: 2007
  • Branch of industry: Manufacturer
  • Trade fairs: interzum 2017
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Portrait of Marco Pialorsi
Marco Pialorsi Senior Management