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Maes Mattress Ticking NV

Blokellestraat 157 B
8550 Zwevegem, Italy
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Why Maes?

When you choose Maes, you are choosing quality, reliability, flexibility and doing business on a human scale. Meet our family and bring in a partner that you can depend on.


Masters in the creation and production of high-quality mattress tickings since 1926

Thanks to its rich history, the Maes family has a tremendous amount of expertise and developed a passion for the trade.


Doing business in support of the customer

Professional and personal, that's the Maes family’s approach. Our customers are the top priority in every decision we make.


Top quality of Belgian origin

All our mattress tickings are produced at our Zwevegem site (Belgium) and comply with the strictest Belgian laws.


Doing business with respect for nature, people and products

Doing business with the utmost respect for the natural product, the people we work with and the environment. That is the common thread at Maes.


Continuous innovation

Our production is equipped with the latest technological systems, guaranteeing the highest quality.

Company details
  • Location: Italy
  • Branch of industry: Manufacturer
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Portrait of Gregoire Maes
Gregoire Maes Senior Management
Maes Mattress Ticking NV