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We do not just create pieces of furniture, we offer an innovative magnetic system to design and change your ambience at home, in your office, business or at an exhibition.

TAVAR® is definitely one of the most flexible systems there is on the market.

It is like a LEGO® construction kit in the most minimalist Bauhaus style, which you can easily design, mount and vary yourself.

What we do, is precision mechanics in wood, everything in the highest and sustainable quality.


We commit ourselves to high quality and the respect of ecological standards.

Our woods are all certified and come from Western Europe.

We use massive wood for our connectors and plywood birch for our boards.

Surfaces and materials are as ecological as possible.

For the coating of all our connectors we use a German shellac-based product.


Here you see my two minutes video presentation of the system and the philosophy of TAVAR®, while mounting a complete night table with a door and a drawer:



  • An innovative and worldwide unique furniture system made of noble wood.

  • For living, office, presentation and more.

  • A high-quality LEGO® kit.

  • Unparalleled flexibility, changeability and expandability.

  • Easy and self-assembly without tools.

  • Individual furniture design with great fun.

  • Sustainable, durable and recyclable.

  • Best quality materials and workmanship.

  • Minimalist design in the Bauhaus style.

  • Four design awards (including the German Design Award).

  • TUeV-tested, highly durable and absolutely safe.

  • Patented magnetic connection.

  • 100% “Made in Germany”.

  • 10-year guarantee on panels and connectors in accordance with our terms and conditions.


TAVAR® is worldwide one of the most flexible and innovative furniture systems for living, office and presentation in a high-quality and minimalist look.


The patented system has its advantages wherever aspects of flexibility, change, high quality, solid wood and sustainability are important.

This construction kit enables individual furniture construction with fun instead of frustration.

The design in the minimalist and timeless Bauhaus style has been awarded amongst others with the German Design Award (Winner).


Successfully safety TUeV tested, highly resilient and absolutely safe thanks to additional joining of all connectors like a puzzle.

TAVAR is “Made in Germany” and manufactured in large German joineries with a lot of experience in massive wood.


The unique issue about TAVAR® is the enormous flexibility of the system.

The universally combinable 20 cm grid makes it possible to extend every 20 cm freely to the right / left, up / down and front / back, just like with LEGO®.

Correspondingly, compartments and accessories can point and open towards any direction.


Accessories are doors, drawers, sliding doors made of wood and glass, glass elements, height-adjustable boards, integrated wall mounting and more.


There are different ways of choosing furniture:

  • about 60 furniture hat we show categorized on the website.

  • customized furniture (yet: changeable!), made with the configurator.

  • TAVAR sets in three sizes – they are our basic construction kit for being able to create dozens of different designs. Doors and drawers are optional accessories for the sets.


The most important planning tool is the configurator for individual designs.

This means that everyone can create easily, quickly and intuitively their own furniture wishes individually in terms of shape, size, material, colour and accessories.

The configurator shows dimensions and weight, the price for private end customers (RRP) is generated and the inquiry function sends the customer draft directly to TAVAR.

The interested party can also set up a personal user account and save and change drafts there.

The TAVAR Team is still working on optical and functional improvements.

The first stage of the configurator is online since a few months, further options are to follow:

  • 3-D construction, also with single elements and towards all directions.

  • precise parts list and assembly instructions.

  • Augmented Reality for the tablet on site.

  • When customers order their furniture, the TAVAR Team creates a user account and stores the corresponding parts list, which the customer can later adapt and with which he can manage his inventory. In the event of future modifications, the customer can thus see directly which parts are left over or which are exactly missing for the purpose of possible reordering.

The TAVAR Team offers to advise and support customers personally with an experienced team and a designer for customer planning!


TAVAR focuses on sustainability, which is guaranteed with the most ecological materials possible, short transport routes and - above all - extreme durability.

The system can be rebuilt and expanded like no other system.

The same board can be used in any position of the furniture as bottom, side or rear panel.

Since TAVAR® boards also have no defined front or rear side, they can be flipped, which is especially useful in case of scratches on one side.

There is even the possibility of applying different HPL-colours to either side of the board surfaces, the same furniture could thus be built in different colours.

In case of damage, the entire piece of furniture does not have to be thrown away. Only single parts are replaced or moved to a different location.

All parts can easily be reused or recycled. Even the magnets are pressed in tightly and not glued, they can be taken out without damaging them.

The TAVAR Team is planning a “Second-Hand” implementation in order to bring all produced elements back to new customers.


Patents exist in the EU and in the USA.

In Japan there is utility model protection and in Canada the patent process is still pending.

TAVAR® is a registered EU-trademark.


Many experts attest this unique and special furniture system a very good future.

The TAVAR® attributes are becoming increasingly relevant in the furniture sector:

Flexibility - individuality - change - sustainability - longevity - quality - designminimalism - service...


Quality, reliability and individual service are the base of our work.

Company details
  • Employees: 1-10
  • Location: Germany
  • Founded: 2015
  • Branch of industry: Manufacturer
  • Trade fairs: imm cologne 2017, TRENDimmPACT Sustainability
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