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Barrique Furniture

After two hundred years growth in European forests, the best oak trees are selected and felled for wine barrel production.

On average these barriques (225 liter wine barrels) are filled with red wine four times.

This 204 year journey culminates in furniture made 100% from red wine filled barrique barrels, handcrafted in Germany, with the barrels used for production primarily sourced from German wineries.

The “Barrique Limited” (the classic among the barrique chairs) is produced using 100% used barrels. These barriques represent a sustainable product and material, which is created through highly skilled labor and craftsmanship. This “raw material” is then redefined into a new context in which the barrels are “rediscovered” and, through a further layer of craftsmanship, complete an ecological circle.

The “Barrique Limited” itself is structured as a barrel: The frame is put together from the recycled barrels ends, with the staining from the red wine clearly visible, ranging from brown tones to deep reds. The seat and backrest are crafted from the barrel staves, which, due to the barrel toasting (a process in which the barrel is treated with fire and smoke for flavor), are darker in their coloring. The stave containing the barrel opening (bunghole) is situated in the chair back. The curvature of the barrel, carried over into the back and seat, is serendipitously ergonomic, as though the barrels were always intended for this use.

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  • Location: Germany
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  • Trade fairs: imm cologne 2017, imm cologne 2019
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