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We dare to think differently

With 35 years of industry expertise provides the founder of Moment AB, Anders Olsson, a wide network of contacts and extensive knowledge when it comes to furniture and interior design for public spaces. By daring to think differently and, for example, focus on extreme customer service and a strong focus on building relationships - he succeeded as CEO of HÅG Sweden have a strong grip on the market for office and conference chairs. Anders Olsson still think differently. An example is the investment in a completely new concept for modern and flexible office - Globe Concept. A family of compact chairs - everything from a pallet to a lot of work - developed by the Norwegian designer Peter Opsvik (the man behind the Tripp Trapp, HÅG Capisco and Balance-chair).

We protect your business

If you recommend our products to a project (client) and we will help you create exclusivity around your business, thus giving you an edge over your competitors. Contact us for more.

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  • Location: Sweden
  • Branch of industry: Manufacturer
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Portrait of Anders Olsson
Anders Olsson Senior Management
Moment AB