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About us

As a small but innovative company, we create new trends and follow fresh paths that can be seen in our products at any time. With our continuously changing assortment we would like to offer you extraordinary products that stand out from the mainstream. Through our constant search for uniqueness, amazing products and new inventions of already existing materials are created. These fascinate above all by their individuality and authenticity. Thus we were pioneers of the universally popular Fundholz products and feel obliged to our Reclaim Reinvent philosophy.

Fundholz Collection

Our Fundholz collection is a 100% recycled product.

The raw material of our products is recycled wood from demolition houses, including beautiful woods of bygone times, which can be returned to the production cycle. The result is a colourful mix of all the woods once processed in India, such as teak, rosewood, acacia, mango, tamarind and many more.

Reclaim Clean Inventory

According to our Reclaim-Reinvent concept, we process beautiful, discarded everyday objects and give them a new sense of use. As a continuation of our Fundholz collection, for example, old, colourful saris become lamp shades. Candle holders are made from beautifully carved sowing implements. Each of these new objects is unique in its form and colour.

Iron & Light

Our constantly growing range of lamps enjoys a very good demand. There are Reclaim clean event lamps, such as reworked old fire extinguishers, but also new productions, which can definitely be located in the modern high-end range.

Prompt delivery

We generally have a well stocked warehouse in Germany and can react dynamically and promptly to your orders.

We wish you a lot of fun with our products.

Nature and Style Home Decoration Import

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  • Location: Germany
  • Branch of industry: Furniture Import/Export
  • Trade fairs: imm cologne 2017
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Nature and Style Wohnkultur Import GmbH
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