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Varinės k, Pabaisko sen, Ukmergės r.
20193 Lietuva, Lithuania
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How do we work with a client?

We do not distinguish between the customers, large or small, important or not. There are no unimportant clients for us. Our primary goal is realization of even the most demanding customer orders and requests. Young, motivated and truly hard-working staff team, and of course, modern meeting all the today’s production techniques equipment help us to achieve the objective.

So how do we work with a client? First of all, we strive to become partner and a professional advisor for the client. Qualified employees of our company jointly with the customer always find the optimal solution by choosing the most appropriate form of bending or materials required for production. We promise that we will bend any dream and idea!

We turn your drawings into reality!

Our CNC technical base gives us every opportunity to use customer's drawings by directly transferring them into the CNC. Thus, we can easily produce a fully complete prototype according to client's original model.

Our company's total area occupied by industrial buildings is 5700 m2. Currently, in our premises there are 4 five-axle and 2 tri-axle programmed CNC machine tools that can perform milling, drilling, grinding and mould milling operations.

We react to the customer's orders flexibly and quickly, because we have 30 high-frequency and power presses, which, working in two shifts, can glue up to 250 m3 of production. In addition, if there is a need, we have the opportunity to increase the number of presses or add an extra shift.

We adapt materials to individual customer needs, as well as by brand, colour and structure. Besides gluing, milling, grinding, assembly operations, according to the individual customer's needs, we perform other tasks. This is upholstering with material, foam bonding, treatment of edges with paraffin.

Company details
  • Employees: 51-200
  • Location: Lithuania
  • Founded: 2000
  • Branch of industry: Manufacturer
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Portrait of Edita Baltushe
Edita Baltushe